About Us

We are a fun, diversified, hard-working team of people from all around America+

We all enjoy seeing new sites & cities, travelling all around for FREE, helping others via massage & getting paid for doing all this!  :-)

Below are just a few pictures from some recent trips.

Most team members fly, but some RV or drive their car, so here's a little look...

 Getting ready for boarding...

 Nice Takeoff out of Dallas, Ft. Worth airport.

 Pretty Cruising at 28,000 feet.

Landing for "work & a little play time" too.

 Taking the packaged pallets and making it all "pretty" during our setup phase. Some Assembly Required! :-) 

Then, the fun results of working in a professional, clean MedMassager booth inside Costco.

And genuinely caring for people...     Rewarding work with a great MM Staff Team supporting us!

Out for dinner with some vendor acquantances - soon to become new friends.

This looks like a fun place to try tonight after a good, full day of selling massagers.

 A view from an RV "cockpit" going to a show, "above" all the traffic.

And a view from an RV travelling from a show in (the middle of nowhere)/Lubbock, Texas.  Do coyote's even live out here with Real Roadrunners?  Yup, we saw them both!


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